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Does DIY Pest Control Work?

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The internet has an answer for everything. If you want to know the weather forecast, the latest headlines, or the state bird of Arizona (it’s the Cactus Wren), just open a new browser and you can learn anything. Solving your own problems is an admirable ability. Knowing how to identify an issue and find a solution without relying on anyone else can save you time, money, and give your confidence a big boost.

If you see a bug, smash it. If there’s a mouse in the house, catch that sneaky vermin in a trap and he’ll never come back. If you’ve got the skills to search YouTube for how to make your own mousetrap, you can save a few bucks and solve your own problems without needing to call an exterminator, right?

There are countless tips and tricks to get rid of rodents, and plenty of home remedies to try and keep ants out of the kitchen (spray counters with lemon juice), make spiders stay away (bowls of water with onions in them), and keep bugs out of the house (used coffee grounds). Have you ever heard anyone say you can just use dryer sheets to repel mice? It makes sense because mice use their sense of smell to find food, and the scent of dryer sheets will cover up the smells that attract rodents. However, the scent doesn’t last long, and pretty soon, mice will use the dryer sheets to build a comfortable nest in your home. Next thing you know, the mice have started a family and you’re left cleaning up a big mess.

Essential oils, vinegar, fresh herbs, and spices are other smelly suggestions you’ll come across if you’re searching for a solution you can try on your own. Some of them might work some of the time, but there’s no instructions to follow, and no guarantee. Stories of homeowners using alcohol to kill bed bugs and gasoline to enflame wasps and hornets started off as someone’s great idea. While theoretically, both can work, alcohol only kills the bed bugs it touches and not the eggs, and both practices can set you up for a disaster.

DIY pest control may seem like a simple solution, but if getting rid of household pests was so simple, there wouldn’t be an entire aisle dedicated to pesticide sprays, snap traps, and glue boards in almost every store. Getting rid of bugs and rodents isn’t just harder than it looks, it can be a public health threat too. Many types of common pests are capable of spreading serious diseases, which can create a risky situation if you aren’t properly trained to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself. Unfortunately, pest control often comes down to a numbers game. They outnumber you. You can catch mouse after mouse, and smash bug after bug, but they will keep coming.

Why DIY Pest Control Doesn’t Work

  • Assessing the problem. If you see a mouse in the house, it’s a sure bet that there’s more hiding out of sight. That logic applies to other common pests too. Household pests have learned how to live alongside people without drawing our attention, causing many people to underestimate the severity of the situation.
  • Underestimating a pest’s basic instincts. Despite the absence of smartphones and social media followers, household pests are pretty savvy. They can smell a trap a mile away and will strike when and where they are least expected. Rats are so smart that once they navigate a path, they never forget it.
  • Inadequate experience. Pesticide labels may seem confusing or unimportant to the casual user, and also be misleading. Foggers are all the rage but, they don’t reach the depths necessary to eradicate an issue and don’t kill bugs at the various stages of the lifecycle. A licensed professional knows how to follow the guidelines and achieve the desired outcome. Creepy, crawly critters don’t stand a chance against a seasoned pro.
  • Being reactive instead of proactive. It’s one thing to get rid of an errant pest but preventing an infestation before it begins requires a well thought out plan. The pest control technicians at Desert Castle Pest Control are trained in the latest Integrated Pest Management practices and will create a customized treatment plan based on your specific situation.
  • Bad luck. Nature can be difficult to predict – just watch your local weather forecaster if you don’t believe us. Even if you’ve followed all the DIY advice you can find online, a persistent pest may still find its way inside.

Pest Control You Can Count On

Desert Castle Pest Control has been providing trustworthy service to the Phoenix area for years. Our technicians are licensed and insured in the state of Arizona and have the experience to meet your pest control needs. Instead of listening to Old Wives tales, you can make a simple phone call and let us handle the rest.

We know how to judge the severity of an infestation, and what steps to take to make sure rodentsscorpionsants, and other home invaders get the eviction notice they deserve. You won’t have to worry about snapping your finger in a mousetrap, or how to use household chemicals again.