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Rodents make up as much as 40% of all mammal species on Earth. They live in the lowest, smelliest sewers, in scorching deserts, and the arctic tundra. They vary immensely, with the Crested Rat able to eat poison strong enough to kill an elephant and the Spiny Mouse able to completely regenerate damaged tissue without leaving a scar behind. Across the United States, there are over 70 species of mice and rats. In Arizona, we deal most commonly with Roof Rats and House Mice, both of which are aptly named.

Roof Rats are also known as Black Rats. The nocturnal creatures tend to live in your attic and ceiling but can also hang out in trees, shrubs, and trash cans. They can slip through holes as tiny as nickel or sneak through vents to get where they want to go. If you notice them on your property, it likely means your entire neighborhood has a problem. 

House mice are likely the most well-known rodent in America. The tiny creatures are migratory, meaning they don’t mind going on a bit of a journey before they reach your comfortable and welcoming home. Once they get there, they breed rapidly, churning out as many as 182 babies in a year.

Both of these creatures are major carriers of diseases. They’re known to chew through insulation and plumbing lines. They also gnaw on wiring, putting your home at risk of a fire. Though they do share some commonalities, the way they’re dealt with varies greatly. If you suspect an infestation, it’s important to call an expert pest control company like Desert Castle Pest Control right away.

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Rodents are much smarter than people realize. Their brain structures are extremely similar to humans’. The Harvard Business Review says rats even are smarter than humans in some regards, such as their ability to apply what they’ve learned in the past to find solutions quickly. They use that knowledge to avoid traps and other things that could bring them harm. Likewise, mice can quickly handle complex mazes by memorizing small markers within the pathway, using spatial memory to find the most efficient routes. Outside of a lab setting, the animals use that skill to find their way from hiding spots in your walls to their favorite snack in your pantry.

Those are talents that have evolved over time. Yet rodents have developed them much faster than other species. Rodents and people have a common ancestor but parted ways about 80 million years ago. Since then, a 2004 study shows rats have been evolving as much as 200 times faster than humans. The genes that have been going through those lightning-fast adjustments are mostly related to the things that make them such nuisances today: their incomprehensibly acute sense of smell, their ability to detect danger, and their processes for marking territory.

Since rodents have been evolving so quickly, the rodent control company you hire to deal with them must be keeping up with the times. At Desert Castle Pest Control, we prioritize continued education to be up to date on the latest, most efficient, and most effective technology. After over three decades in pest control, our experts know how to take on every task as a unique situation and create a plan that eliminates your pest control problem and incorporates preventative measures for the future.

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