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Scorpion Control in AZ

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Arizona Scorpions

Summer 2020 saw a rise in reported scorpion stings in the Mesa, AZ area at an alarming rate. Medical professionals believe more stings occurred because residents were home, not because there was an increase in the population. Nonetheless, exercising caution to prevent stings on your property is highly encouraged.

At least 60 species of scorpions reside in Arizona, and one of the most common is the Arizona Bark. Unfortunately, it is also the most venomous scorpion in the United States. Since the Bark Scorpion climbs, do not be surprised to find one in your closet, shelves, or curtains as they search for attractive hiding spots such as cool, moist nooks with airflow. This scorpion is distinguishable from others; it is slender and typically tan, yellow, or orange, and when it’s at rest, it coils.

As if the most venomous is not enough, we are home to the largest one in the US, the Arizona Giant Hairy Scorpion. This monster can grow to 6 inches and is indeed covered in hair. The most common species in Arizona is the stripe-tailed. Be careful when hiking or working in your yard, they spend most of their time hiding under rocks. If you hold an ultraviolet light over the arachnoid at night, they glow a green to blue shade. They carry a substance in their hyaline layer known as the cuticle, which causes the fluorescence.

Threat By Night And Day

They are nocturnal predators, feeding on insects, spiders, centipedes, and even other scorpions. Humans are not on the meal plan, but they attack by stinging in a series of jabs if they feel danger. Pain, tingling, and numbness are three sting symptoms. A healthy individual can feel the effects for several hours, but children, seniors and those with allergies or other immune issues may have to go to the ER for a dose of anti-venom. If you own dogs, you must protect them as well because they are susceptible to the venom.

In the daytime, especially during the Arizona heat, they find shelter in the cool soil. Some landscaping-types attract them as well. Decorative stones and rocks that do not get moved around often are other appealing resting places. During an inspection, our team can go over some habitat modifications suggestions with you.

Outdoors, leaves and shrubbery can house these tiny creatures. If your property has a pool and you spot a scorpion in it, do not pick it up with your bare hands. They do not drown immediately; it can take up to two days.

At Desert Castle Pest Control, we employ integrated pest management strategies to deliver long-term results and prevention. For a full inspection of your property in Mesa, AZ, and the surrounding areas, call us to schedule a free estimate. Our scorpion control team is top-rated and trained to get the job done to your satisfaction. We utilize biological control, habitat manipulation and exclusion techniques to return peace of mind to you on your property, indoors and out, especially if you are spending more time at home.

Desert Castle Pest Control Mesa AZ Pest Rodent Termite Control Company pest control scorpion