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Since the time dinosaurs were walking the Earth, termites have been right there along with them. For 120 million years, the detritivores have feasted on cellulose. While in the Cretaceous Period, these insects ate mostly dying trees and other plants; today, they target the plant matter within people’s homes and businesses. That is, they go for the building itself. In just a few months – before you’ve even noticed they’re there termites can destroy food, books, furniture, and even the building’s structural integrity. That’s why it’s important to protect against them and act quickly if you notice an infestation.

There are two types found in Mesa: subterranean and drywood. Subterranean termites are much more common in this area, but drywoods act faster. Both are extremely destructive, with some experts calculating they cost people in the United States up to $7 billion annually.

Steps should be taken to protect against them before a building is even erected. The construction team should call out a licensed pest control company, like Desert Castle Pest Control, to lay down a chemical barrier between the soil where the structure is being built and the foundation. That helps keep subterranean termites from climbing through the soil and chewing their way up into the floorboards. Our technicians consider even the most minute details such as the weather conditions on the day the treatment is being laid down, the soil it’s going on, and the moisture content of that soil. These are factors when it comes to making sure the treatment remains effective. The barrier should extend a bit further outside the construction zone so that termites don’t find their way into the sides of the building.

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If treatment wasn’t laid down before the frame went up, there are still ways to protect against termites. We can drill small holes in the foundation and fill them with chemicals that spread through the bottom to create a new barrier. The points where wood touches the ground should be addressed. Choosing this option is better than giving up and risking infestation with no protection.

The damage they leave can be difficult to recognize for the untrained eye. Tell-tale signs include piles near wood surfaces that look like gathered sawdust or slender mud tubes extending outside walls or around wooden beams. You may also notice pellet-shaped droppings or tiny, fragile wing pieces. 

If termites are in your home, you won’t have a second to waste. It’s important to reach out to us as quickly as possible. After you make the call, we will come out to inspect the property and look for signs of infestation and damage. Our inspection covers the building from top to bottom, including the roof, attic, and basement. In some cases, spot control methods can be utilized to wipe out termites that haven’t spread very far. More often, though, you’ll need to eradicate the pests from the entire house. The method chosen will depend on the building itself and the level of infestation. We can talk you through the potential options.

Desert Castle Pest Control Mesa AZ Pest Rodent Termite Control Company pest control stinging insect desert termites 6
Desert Castle Pest Control Mesa AZ Pest Rodent Termite Control Company pest control stinging insect pest control termites

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Termites are one of the scarier things a property owner can face. In a battle like that, you want the best weapons and the best generals leading the fight. That’s why Desert Castle Pest Control should be the first number you dial for termite treatments, whether you want to prevent an infestation or wipe out one that’s already begun. After three decades spent honing our methods and our investment in the best pest control technology known to man or bug, our locally owned and operated company has come to be known as the most trusted pest control service in the Mesa area. Call today so we can prove to you we’ve earned that title.