What Are Scorpions Attracted To?

Are You Attracting Scorpions?

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Arizona is home to many fearsome pests. Some tear up lawns, some damage buildings, and some pose health risks. One of the more formidable insects we encounter in the Grand Canyon State is the scorpion. There are 56 species here, but the one we need to worry about the most is the Bark Scorpion. According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, that’s the one that makes its way into Arizona homes most frequently, surprising and stinging upwards of 10,000 people annually. It’s also the most venomous of its kind in North America.

They use their pincers to grab prey, then sting them to unleash venom. The poison is so powerful that it can have major effects on humans. The severity of a sting depends on your age and how healthy you are. The Arizona Bark’s sting ranks among the ten most painful on the planet – much worse than an encounter with a bee or hornet. For most people, no medical attention is needed. For some, though, the venom can lead to troubled breathing, uncontrollable muscular jerking, drooling, numbness and tingling, and involuntary wild eye movements. Children are at a much higher risk for severe reactions, and a couple of hundred have to be rushed to emergency rooms for antivenom in Arizona yearly. With more people at home and our warmer weather, the risk for stings has been going up. About a third of attacks happen in bedrooms; a quarter happen in the living room, and about 6% take place in the bathroom. Since they’re nocturnal, people are more likely to have a run-in during the nighttime hours.

Many of us unknowingly are sending invitations to them to move into our homes. These pests hibernate in groups through the winter, then roam free once temperatures warm up. Once they get moving again, they seek out darkness, moisture, shelter, and food. They’ll eat various insects and grubs and sometimes even eat other scorpions. Larger ones can go after bigger prey like mice and lizards. In some cases, a scorpion infestation may be a sign you have another pest problem as well; addressing their food source can help stave them off. Having a pest control company like Desert Castle Pest Control perform maintenance on your property regularly to make sure there aren’t too many bugs attracting the scorpions helps your home seem less desirable to the stinging creatures. 

Since they like to hang out in moist areas, people often see them in their bathrooms and around their pool. Make sure to put damp towels away and trim back shrubs. Leaving shoes, boots, clothing, or towels outside is a risky habit in Arizona. You should also store firewood outside; keeping it indoors only gives the insects more places to comfortably hide.

They explode in population quickly, with females giving birth to dozens at a time. The mere presence of scorpions can attract others, either as mates or as part of their cannibalistic nature. They also live a long time, usually up to seven years. The fiends use that time practicing their adept hiding skills. Since the creatures tend to sneak up on people, you should make it a habit to regularly clear away trash, debris, and plant matter from your home. Trimming overhanging tree branches can prevent them from getting to your roof. From there, it’s an easy trip down the side of your home for the Bark Scorpion.

It’s also important to have a licensed technician from a company like Desert Castle Pest Control to walk around your property and check for openings that might be giving scorpions access to your house. Our technicians identify areas the bugs can sneak into and seal them up. Eaves, pipes, and other tiny cracks should be caulked up. It’s also important to make sure there are no other entryways, like ill-fitting screens on windows or loose doors. 

There are some natural remedies you can try out to ward off scorpions as well. Wetting a burlap sack is a great, simple trap. The moisture attracts them, so they’ll crawl in, then you can close up the bag and remove them from your property. A natural, environmentally friendly pest control option is Diatomaceous Earth. It’s made of fossilized algae and dehydrates bugs when it sinks into their skin. Laying that down around the perimeter of your home makes a good barrier. Certain essential oils like lavender, peppermint, citrus, tea tree, and cinnamon may deter scorpions as well. Cleaning your counters and other surfaces with vinegar works too.

Other than the precautions you take around your property, there are ways to protect yourself from possible attacks. For instance, furniture, cribs, and beds should be kept slightly away from the walls so that scorpions crawling up don’t fall in. It’s a good idea to shake out clothing and shoes before putting them on. You should also check damp towels before using them. 

A helpful habit to take on is to make sure you get regular pest control services from a trusted company like Desert Castle. We understand the best way to handle scorpions is by making changes for a long term solution. Rather than just attacking the problem, it’s a better idea to build strategies and prevent pests from getting into your property in the first place. That’s one of our specialties. After 30 years in the business, we’ve figured out the most reliable ways to proactively protect and defend your property, as well as efficient and effective means of attack to get rid of active infestations. Call us today for all your pest control needs.